Wednesday, 3 November 2021

A solution for “account cannot be loaded” problem for Google Drive for desktop on MacOS

Many people have reported being unable to run Google Drive for desktop on MacOS because they get a message saying "account <email address> cannot be loaded".

The current version of Google Drive for desktop seems to not behave properly if there is an old dfsfuse.kext kernel extension .  This is visible when you run System Information and click on Extensions.  "System Information" is in Applications/Utilities or you can click on the Apple at the top left of the screen, select "About This Mac", then "System Report...".

  1. Exit any running Google Drive desktop program by clicking on the Google Drive icon in the top bar, then the gear wheel , then Exit.
  2. Using Finder move Google Drive from Applications to the Bin.
  3. Using Finder look in "Macintosh HD/Library".  There should be a folder Google with a subfolder DriveFS.
  4. Move DriveFS to the Bin. (Be careful, I find it best to right-click (ctrl-click) on the folder and select "Move to Bin".
  5. Empty the Bin.
  6. Restart the Mac, this causes the Auxiliary Kernel Collection (AuxKC) to be rebuilt.
  7. Download the latest version of Google Drive for desktop and go through the installation procedure.
  8. You may now find that Google Drive just works with no more error messages.
  9. You may need to approve it in System Preferences, under Security & Privacy->General then reboot (I did not have to do this on the two machines I tried, one running Catalina and one running Monterey.)
I haven't had any problems doing this but I accept no responsibility if things go wrong or you delete the wrong files!  It is always a good idea to have a bootable backup ready.

The /Library/Google/DriveFS/dfsfuse.kext is repopulated when Google Drive for desktop is reinstalled.

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